Shi Michelle


Meet Shirlonda Brailsford

Shirlonda Brailsford also known as “Shi Michelle” is the owner of Milk & Honey Beauty Loft located in Brooklyn, New York. Shirlonda’s passion and love for hair began as a young girl, dreaming of following the footsteps of Madam C.J.Walker. It’s because of her passion and hard work that has been able to work as a celebrity hairstylist as well as provide makeup looks for some today’s leading television and radio personalities.


Many have relied on her creative flair for signature looks. Shi’s beauty techniques and innovative styles derive from the confidence she has with hair and beauty. Her creative style for Celebrity Chef, Sunny Anderson landed her an Emmy nomination, and her editorial work has graced the pages of leading publications such as Essence, Vogue Italia, Black Hair and Seventeen Magazine.


Shirlonda specializes in hair restoration and wants clients to feel their very best after sitting in her chair. Her desire to help restore hair ignited her study on clients that have Alopecia. This research led Shi to develop a product that would help her client’s hair grow, but also moisturize and nourish the hair follicles to prevent future shedding and breakage. Shi Michelle released “Gold Drops, the liquid gold hair product” in November of 2019. The reviews and testimonials of gold drops have been nonstop.